Energie & Techniek

Smart Systems Engineering

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

The master Smart Systems Engineering takes you to the next level of modern day sensor technology implementation.

Smart systems are increasingly becoming a reality of our everyday life. By 2030, about 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet. Pinhead-sized sensors will be embedded into practically any product, allowing new, smart and powerful applications for areas like energy management and health care. A few examples? Think of helping to optimize the recycling of plastic waste by injecting sensors into bio-chemical reactors, or communicating with plants by interpreting feedback from their miniature embedded sensors. The future of smart systems is limitless!

This master’s programme is for students who wish to become experts on the cutting edge of electronics and IT. You will learn how to build and develop smart sensor systems that are able to interact with their environment. You will apply your skills and expertise in domains like health, energy and high tech systems and materials (HTMS). These are areas in which the application of smart sensor technology is rapidly evolving, affecting and benefitting the lives and wellbeing of billions of people all over the world. Smart systems are the future so get involved now.