Economie & Marketing

Master International Communication

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

How do you give your future career meaning and value in a global context? By becoming an international communication expert!

The Master in International Communication program is aimed at both ambitious BA graduates and business professionals who are interested in specializing in international corporate communication, strategic brand management, global public relations and/or who want to advance a career as an intercultural communication consultant or a facilitation specialist. This program responds to the business need for a strong multidisciplinary professionals and impactful program and provides an excellent advanced knowledge and experience base for a successful career in a wide range of global communication areas. The program has a competency based, hands-on approach. As part of a team, students will design communication strategies for clients needing results. Academic achievement is not enough to be successful in this program. Students will have to prove themselves as creative problem solvers, able to measure up to professional standards as well as academic excellence. Our graduates develop competences that are valued most by employers and that are crucial for effective communication management. We train a new generation of communicators ready to take on each situation, equipped with problem solving skills, vision and strategic insights: international communication experts who are able to raise their game and inspire global as well as personal change.