Energie & Techniek

European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

Do you want to make a difference in realising energy transition from a business innovation perspective? This master’s programme responds to the great demand for professionals that can provide business solutions for the renewable energy sector.

Business development in energy transition is a huge challenge because all energy projects are confronted with technological, economic, legal, social and environmental aspects. In order to deal with these complex issues, experts are needed that can design innovative business plans, evaluate these plans for their (technological) feasibility, convert them into projects and monitor their correct implementation. That is where you come in! You will become a business engineer with a fundamental understanding of renewable energy systems and skill set to make a solid business plan.

This master’s programme has a clear international focus, not only because of the international student community, but also because you follow the programme at different locations in Europe. Moreover, it’s a research master (i.e. Dutch WO-master) which distinguishes it from a professional master (i.e. Dutch HBO-master).