Business Engineering

Master Energy for Society – MSc

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

Have you ever wondered how your community (village, company, institution) can make the transition from fossil-sourced energy to more sustainable sources? This key issue is the essence of the Energy for Society programme.

The aim of the master’s programme is to educate Energy Transition Strategists focusing on local and regional levels of energy transition. Upon graduation you will have a broad competence base ranging from how to build (energy) communities, sustainable energy technologies, sustainable business models, governance, communication to spatial transformations. You will be able to catalyse complex bottom-up energy transition processes and foster change in people’s ‘energy behaviour’. Working with communities, cooperatives, clusters of companies, municipalities and regional organisations you will establish a dialogue between different groups of stakeholders. This will enable you to initiate and support local and regional energy transition projects.