Master of Business Administration

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is targeted at business professionals who want to become tomorrow’s leaders and senior managers.

It offers an ideal opportunity for those who are looking for a comprehensive education in business management in a fully international environment. You learn to integrate the main business processes into effective and efficient corporate strategies and underlying business models. In addition, you develop the skills to deal with the diverse and sometimes diverging interests of various stakeholders involved in international business. The MBA focuses on determining and leading the sustainable changes necessary for business and society.

Admittance to the MBA require​s a minimum of three years of professional work experience (for example, as an Accountant, a Financial Analyst, a Business Lawyer, a Consultant, a Policy Advisor, a Manager or an Entrepreneur). For this master, a minimal English language proficiency is required. English language proficiency should be proven with an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 575/TOEFL Internet 90.