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Data Science for Life Sciences

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

The Data Science for Life Sciences master programme is for life science or IT students who want to learn how they can be part of the growing field of data science.

Would you like to specialise further in Data Science? In the master programme Data Science for Life Sciences, you will be combining life sciences with data science. You will learn how to use new data processing technologies, write algorithms – for instance to recognize sick cells – and analyse health-data. These skills will help you to contribute to better and more efficient healthcare and aid innovations in the life science industry. In short, you will develop into a data scientist who bridges the gap between domains of life science and technology. You will play an active role in ensuring that the data generated by the exponential growth in databases and medical databases is exploited to the full. We train you to work as a professional data scientist, who is up to speed with new technologies and knows how and where to gather necessary information. The master is practice based, so you will spend a lot of time programming and writing computer code, and directly applying your gathered knowledge. This master programme responds to a growing demand for data scientists and is the first master at a university of applied sciences in this field.