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Data Science for Life Sciences

Full-time: 1.5 year Language: English

The Master Data Science for Life Sciences is aimed at a new generation of data scientists who can not only conduct research, but also know how to facilitate and initiate innovations for the Life Science industry.

In the master’s programme you will learn how to deal with the growing amount of data that companies and institutes gather, and you combine your knowledge of life science and data science to work on real-life practical problems. You will work as a professional on new data processing technologies and contribute to healthcare and innovations in the Life Science industry, learn how to build and manage data storages and breach the gap between life sciences and technology. With this knowledge you can play an active role in handeling the data generated by the exponential growth in databases and medical databases and making sure the data is exploited to the full. The data scientist of the future must be up to speed with new developments in the professional field and must know exactly how and where the necessary information can be gathered and integrated in order to reach a well-informed research conclusion. This master programme responds to the growing demand for data scientists and is the first master at a university of applied sciences in this field.